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    Difference between Cold laser therapy and conventional laser therapy – You didn’t know this

    Difference between Cold laser therapy and conventional laser therapy – You didn’t know this


    Therapies have become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether, it is injury, detox or even rehabilitation after a stroke. We all are dependent on them to a large extended. The soothing effect and the assurance to get rid of chronic pains have increased the demand of laser therapy that is easier and time saving.

    In the initial years, hot laser therapy was the hero ruling every clinic and hospital to cure inflammation and pain. In the therapy hot radiated rays are focused on the affected muscle and treated. These unique rays are beneficial for the surgeons to carry out operations more cleanly without any physical cut on top of the skin.


    The best part about the laser therapy evolution was, it caused less pain during surgery and marks on the body.

    It was one of the biggest achievements for all.

    With the advancing years of technology, another therapy was launched by the name cold laser therapy. This was different from the before launched one and has somehow eaten up the customers of the former one to know why to read further.

    cold laser therapy for inflammation

    1. Heat Intensity

    When we talk about the conventional laser therapy it involved high voltage of heat that was focused on the muscle. The intensity of those rays is so high that they can cut diamonds. This is a serious concern as the procedure is quite painful.


    The cold laser therapy has less amount of intensity and treats the affected area more effectively but in a different way.


    1. Treatment

    It is often confusing for people to take both cold and conventional therapy as same or alternates, but it is wrong.


    To clear your confusion read ahead.

    The cold laser therapy is used to work on the tissues those have stopped working or functioning on the affected area. It is used to treat patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions. It helps to reduce pain, swelling and decrease spasms. It goes through various layers of the skin to treat the light sensitive elements of the cell and awaken them.


    With the high-intensity laser therapy, it is used for different purposes. To broadly talk it is used to cure various types of cancer bacteria or cells. Along with that, it is used to destroy tumors, polyps, or precancerous growths, Relieve symptoms of cancer, Remove kidney stones, Remove part of the prostate, Repair a detached retina and Improve vision (laser surgery).


    1. All purpose

    The cold therapy is used for dental purpose too. It is used to treat bone injuries and even reduce swelling and pain. The best part is it can be tried at home in context to the conventional one. You can see the difference right after the first attempt.

    difrrence between cold and hot therapy

    The high voltage therapy is used for major operations which is much better than surgical operations.

    With these major points defining the difference between cold laser therapy and the high-intensity laser therapy you now know the difference between them.

    Enhance your knowledge and approach the best therapy for your body and its need.
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